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Product line

Capacitance measurement device
Particle flow meter, liquid level/powder level meter
Cleaning agent moisture meter / moisture-in-oil meter



Mitsuo Shintani

Description of business

Y.E.I. develops products for various applications based on capacitance measurements, such as capacitance-type level meters (level sensors), as well as moisture level meters, densitometers, and thickness meters.
Y.E.I. can also develop standard products starting, as well as specially-designed products according to site specifications and installation conditions, from a single unit. Y.E.I. also offers consultations on OEM supply products for customers who also want to “incorporate their own products”.


CM-type, capacitance measuring device


NK3 portable moisture-in-oil meters

Spiral sensor /Unprecedented flexibility and detail !


Spiral sensor / Featuring flexibility and detail

Products and Technologies

OM-13 capacitance-type meter to measure moisture levels in oil

Explosion-proof option available (intrinsically-safe Exia II CT4)


Measure moisture levels in oil in real time.

Y.E.I. calibrates samples of oil sent to the company and requires no complicated adjustments. Electrodes are designed and manufactured in different shapes according to installation locations and environments, such as for pipelines (photo) and rods.

NK3 portable moisture-in-oil meters (Patent No. 6093072)

Moisture in large tanks can be measured quickly on site


Conventionally, several samples have been taken from tankers and on-shore tanks and transported for analysis. However, when this device is used, moisture levels in oil can be measured immediately on site.

  • On-site measurements of moisture (real-time measurement)
  • Can simultaneously measure temperatures, take samples and log data
  • Can accurately measure free water and emulsion liquid
  • Cannot set target samples if the solution is oily
  • Can be used with confidence even with flammable liquids because of its explosion-proof construction
LT- and capacitance-type level switch

Explosion-proof type available (intrinsically-safe, explosion-proof ia3nG5)

  • Can be used for most physical properties, from powder to liquid
  • Contains a number of amplifiers and electrodes suitable for applications
  • Concept of basic design is “easy maintenance”
  • The following functions are built-in as standard
  • Amplifier cassette-type (Amplifier and terminal blocks can be connected with a connector for easy removal)
  • Free power supply
  • Output settings for new functions
  • Switchable relay contact and photo coupler
  • Fail-safe switching possible
  • Amplifier setting in“standard”or“Z-type”through switching using a jumper pin (only for Z-type amplifiers)
  • On Delay can be changed up to about 5 seconds
CM-type, capacitance measuring device

Explosion-proof type available (intrinsically-safe Exia II CT4)


The following can be captured with extreme accuracy by measuring capacitance based on the relative permittivity of the substance.

  • Presence or absence, change, components, or nature of liquid mixtures
  • Monitoring internal conditions in reaction tanks (pot)
  • Monitoring of standards of mixed substances
  • Monitoring mixed conditions
  • Monitoring changes in moisture, etc.

Changes in physical properties can be captured inline in real time, which is useful for quality assurance and control.

Spiral sensor

Unprecedented level sensor, featuring flexibility and detail

Spiral sensor
  • All liquid contact parts are made with fluorine resin with no exposed metal parts
  • Unaffected by metal ions
  • Can measure levels inside pipes with an inner diameter of 8mm (6mm is currently being tested)
  • Can measure levels anywhere
  • Pipe materials do not matter whether they are metal or resin

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  • Y.E.I. CO., LTD.
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  • Mitsuo Shintani
  • 1973 / 1973
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  • Japanese(http://www.yei-jp.com/
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